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MANA – the soul of local real estate.

MANA offers a new way forward. As independent leaders in our region, we’re here to disrupt the stereotypical real estate agent franchise.
We understand the needs of our community. We invest in our people and foster a strong culture to bring integrity and passion to real estate.
We cultivate relationships that last a lifetime. We launch lifestyles that thrive.

We will find your happy place.

At MANA, we put people first. We see the ‘Serve us’ in Customer Service. This is your dream; we are here to make it a reality.
We see your visualisation. We join the dots of your property quest. We walk with you every step of the way.
We help families, couples, single parents, downsizers and upsizers make life-changing decisions every day. We’re with you through the moments of mid-campaign stress, the jittery pre-auction nerves, and that first move out of home into the student share house.
We check-in. We share the key milestones of joy, tears and excitement. It’s the part of the journey we love most.

We are not a blanket brand.

We don’t want to be restricted by a franchise. We believe things can be done better.
We give our clients, contractors, consultants and team what they need. Whether it’s finding a sparkie or plumber for their new home or ensuring rent goes directly into the accounts of property owners, we put your needs first.
No barriers. No third party.
We do things differently. We have flexible models that cater to each individual. We know investing in a home is a critical life decision, we’re here to make it easy.

We are cutting-edge.

We are at the forefront of marketing technology. We have an in-house marketing team who work on strategic and target marketing campaigns to maximum exposure.
We optimise the timing and targeting of messages, offers and customer engagement activities, which enables the analysis of individual-level customer behaviour. We get out the right message to the right person at the right time.
Our platform provides market-leading psychographic solutions to improve and better understand the customer experience by recognising where the buyer and seller are along the consumer journey.
We are continually growing our local, national, and international network, engaging some of the brightest minds, influencers and brands across the globe.

Our focus is local. Our focus is you.

We love our community. We know how special it is to live in this beautiful part of the world.
Giving back is our mantra. This is why we stepped out of a franchise. We want to support our people and give back to the community we cherish. We make sure our money stays in the region, so we can help to grow and support the space we live in.

Our door is open.

Come inside – everyone is welcome.
From the novice first-home buyer to the experienced investor, whether it’s residential, commercial, development or holiday management, we’re ready to chat.
We are here to provide informed advice to ensure you are making the right decision for your individual circumstances.
Our team is a salt-of-the-earth bunch, here to make your property search simple.


What Our Client’s Say

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